Tech Guide to understand Chinese E-Commerce



When it comes to the global ecommerce market, there is a debate that quickly becomes the world’s largest: China. China’s online market is the largest in the world $ 450 billion (2014), which has expanded US $ 296 billion in accordance with Junior Research. It is important to take advantage of this structure to understand if we can learn more about it.

Understand why China eCommerce is huge

We are going crazy at China Tourists shopping malls and department stores, buy bulk designer bags or baby powder milk. It is clear that no one buys their buying power nor is asking for their love for purchase. And since China is the growing population of such customers. Most of the major brands – whether luxury or consumer goods – target Chinese users with a targeted communication strategy, and / or produce specific products (for example exemptions of cosmetics).

Asked about Chinese colleagues in Shanghai when they have budgeted their purchase for their purchase, about 10,000 RMB (about 1,500 US dollars or 1,300 euros and yes, it’s just for shopping) And not included in travel costs) I hear something. As a competition: In 2014, the annual average laborer for the citizens of China was 56,339 RMB (approximately 8,800 US dollars or 7,800 euros), in Chinese 10,000 average monthly salary 10 The RMB budget was maximum, 000.

While they allocate an institutional budget to purchase overseas, purchases are also purchased for purchase in China’s borders, with that a large part moves to the online. As noted above, China’s online market is the largest in the world, which is ending the US. In addition to China’s consumer interest to purchase, China is widely used to distribute national delivery networks and the largest cities of the same day or next day (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Gansjo and Shenzhen. ) Is provided. This distribution network elegantly e-commerce e-commerce and helps online make incredibly generous online purchases.

I have been living in China for a long time and I am still surprised to know almost everything in my place or office. Apart from the delivery of my tenants, there are many smartphone apps and websites that include McDonald’s or Midland tea. A simple example: “Today we eat healthy today”, I can get fruit that is alreadyhed for me and cuts well. I could basically stay in and never go out.

Chinese Internet Genetics

Similarly, the Western world is in its e-commerce teeth, so China also does. Where they are eBay, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal and Google; are known by the overall award bit of the audio, alibaba and Tencent in China. They can not be compared to ‘Western companies’ as long as there is no difference in the weight of each other, as compared to the difference between technology, platform and capabilities.

Baidu, whose name is translated ‘hundreds of times’ as the most commonly used Chinese search engine. Beginning in 2000, Beyond from the first launch of Beijing, Google offers an online music player, an Encyclopedia and much like their own market.

Ali Baba is the most artificial online retail platform in China, which is benefited from diverse business models. She is known to put worldwide buyers in direct contact with Chinese producers. Alibaba also uses China’s Mass Payment Gateway (with PayPal) and the Taobao / TMall Marketplace place pair.

Tencent is one of China’s leading online and mobile market forces. Tencent is best known as MSN Messenger and WeChat (in social media platforms) like QQ for their development. Tencent is also in their own secure payment system called TenPay.

Audio, Alibaba and Tentant provide rebian for China’s e-commerce market. And since China is very unique in terms of market, they also have their own local online marketing.

Market places

China’s online market leaders are Taobao, TMall and JD. You can compare Taobao eBay to JM and TMall from MMM. And despite the issues of productivity in the past, the Chinese e-commerce platform has continued business success.

Taobao, whose name was founded by the ‘Treasure Finder’ site ‘Alibaba’ and does not contrast EE commerce site to eBay. As a Chinese Chinese C2C sales platform, almost anything can be found on Taobao; but since with a valid Chinese ID, any Taobao shop can open, it’s unusual fake products (sometimes quite fun) ) Is not uncommon to run.

Chinese consumers are surprisingly surprised when dealing with fraud, while selecting a product due to long history, and even when they buy goods to the channel. So the success of the TMall and JD platform is not surprising, and here is the same:

TMall (China’s most popular B2C platform) license owner is required.

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